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Congratulations to all who qualified for the PA State Championships. If you haven't yet done so, please subscribe to to help keep the great meet coverage, videos, photos and statistics going strong!

Please contact me with questions or for info about how to obtain prints and image files. On-line ordering is not available for this meet. Thanks and have a great summer!
Charlie Stone
4x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_99994x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00024x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00064x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00124x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00174x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00194x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00204x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00214x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00254x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00234x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00284x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00304x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00324x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00344x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00364x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00434x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00394x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00454x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_00474x400M Relay - AAA Girls-IMG_0048

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