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154 photos kick off the season, I'm giving free downloads on over 900 photo's from Briarwood. These are 1,500x1,200 pixels. Come and get 'em!

If you want the full resolution, original image files...the ones I use to make the 20"x30" me and they're yours for $10ea via PayPal or check.
Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1928Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1929Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1932Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1933Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1935Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1936Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1940Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1942Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1943Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1944Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1946Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1947Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1949Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1950Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1951Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1952Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1953Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1955Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1957Varsity Girls-Small Schools-IMG_1958

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