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Here something different. I only made a few for this meet...if you want to order one created for an image that's not here, contact me with the meet name and IMG_xxxx number and I'll make it for you.

If ordering on-line, be sure to check the cropping as these are not formatted to print full-image for an 8x10.

Charlie Stone
4x200-IMG_33314x200-IMG_33354x200-IMG_33384x200-IMG_33454x200-IMG_34054x200-IMG_34114x200-IMG_34164x200-IMG_34394x200-IMG_34454x200-IMG_34654x400 Boys-IMG_49554x400 Boys-IMG_49964x400 Girls-IMG_50224x400 Girls-IMG_50574x400 Girls-IMG_50774x400 Girls-IMG_50984x400 Girls-IMG_51194x800 Boys-IMG_51954x800 Girls-IMG_52324x800 Girls-IMG_5250

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